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A chartreux cat photo

a chartreux cat ,Cat Carthusian or chartreux. Of uncertain origin but certainly one of the oldest known breeds, Carthusian cats have shared history with such important characters as General De Gaulle and Templar monks of a monastery of the same name located in France. Whatever their origin, these felines, are indisputably adorable, with a docile and affectionate character will win the hearts not only of their owners, but of everyone who knows it.

In this tab of ExpertoAnimal we will explain everything you need to know about the Cat Carthusor or charteux, making a general review for its origins, character, care or health problems, do not miss it!

Origin of cat Carthusian or chartreux
There are numerous versions about the origins and history of Carthusian cats, the most accepted is that they come from western Siberia, where they existed millennia ago, so it is a breed really ancient and rooted in history. Hence they have such a thick mantle, since it served them insulation in the cold and hard Iberian steppe.

Sharing home with the monks of the French monastery Le Grand Chartreux, these felines are believed to have been bred from the selection of Russian blue cats in order to obtain felines that just meow, so that they would not distract the monks in their prayers and Tasks. Although the monastery was founded in 1084 it is considered that the ancestors of these cats did not arrive at the monastery until the thirteenth century, because it was then that religious who had fought in the holy crusades returned to the monasteries to continue their lives dedicated to prayers and monastic tasks.

They also played a pivotal role in the monastery from which they take their name, as the chartreux or Carthusians defended the manuscripts and food of mice that stalked them, keeping all the temple dependencies clean from these rodents.

The truth is that it was not until the 20s of the last century that the chartreux participated in feline exhibitions, a chartreux cat. But due to the decline caused by the Second World War the breed was on the brink of extinction, so controlled crossings were allowed with British shorthair to preserve it.

It was not until 1987 that the TICA officially recognizes the breed, also recognizing the FIFe and the CFA in a short time. It has not yet been clarified whether its name actually comes from the monastery of the French Carthusians or from a variety of Castile wool called "piles de Chartreux", whose appearance is suspiciously similar to the coat of the Carthusian cats.

Physical characteristics of cat Carthusian or chartreux
Carthusian cats have a fairly wide range of weights and sizes, this is because there are large differences between females and males, with sexual dimorphism being much more marked than in other cat race. In the case of the facts the size to medium to large, having specimens that reach weighing up to 7 kilograms and having a fairly wide breast, being the females almost always medium, not exceeding 3-4 kilograms. Its tail is of a medium length and wider base than the tip, which is rounded.

Regardless of the genre, chartreux have a robust and muscular body, but at the same time agile and flexible. The limbs are strong but thin in proportion to the rest of the body, being the feet wide and round, with pads of a grayish blue hue.

The head of the cardboard is shaped like an inverted trapezoid, with soft edges and a solid jaw, with fleshy cheeks and a perpetual smile because the silhouette of his mouth makes it look like he is always cheerful and smiling. Its ears are medium-sized and rounded at the tips. The nose is straight and wide and the forehead high and flat, reaching always golden, round and large eyes, being marked the expressiveness and ability to transmit its golden gaze. A curiosity is that Carthusian cubs are usually born with bluish-green eyes, which turns golden around 3 months of age.

The coat is dense, with double layer, that is, they have a lausy sublayer, which insulates them from cold and moisture, their hair is short and always a solid blue.

Character of cat carthusian or chartreux

Estos sonrientes y alegres felinos son tal cual nos transmite su imagen, pues son gatos dóciles, dulces y delicados. Se adaptan a casi cualquier entorno, así como a las convivencia tanto con niños como con otros animales. Aunque se muestre más cariñoso con su familia es un gato bastante sociable y abierto, haciendo amigos con las visitas y con las mascotas de las mismas,ya que es conocido por jugar y entenderse muy bien con los perros y otros gatos.

Esta raza ha sido comparada en múltiples ocasiones con los perros, ya que suelen seguir a sus cuidadores por toda la casa, queriendo estar junto a los suyos en todo momento, por ello adora pasar horas tumbado o sentado encima de sus dueños, así como dormir con ellos y disfruta mucho de su compañía, por ello quizás no sea la mejor opción si prevemos que va a pasar mucho tiempo solo.

Además de todo eso son animales muy inteligentes, de un carácter equilibrado y una paciencia casi infinita, siendo prácticamente imposible verlos comportarse de forma agresiva, ya que prefieren evitar las confrontaciones y sobre todo las peleas, puesto que además son capaces de prever cuándo puede suceder algo así y prefieren desaparecer y esconder hasta que vean que esa posible situación desagradable haya pasado.

Cuidados del gato cartujo o chartreux
Debido a la particular característica de su pelaje, pues tiene una doble capa, deberemos de estar pendientes de su cuidado, cepillándose a diario para evitar las bolas de pelo, que pueden desencadenar en problemas más serios como obstrucciones intestinales, y que estos pelos se dispersen por todo nuestro hogar. No son necesarios los baños, pero si fuera conveniente por alguna causa, se recomienda ser muy cuidadosos a la hora de secarlos, ya que puede que los sequemos superficialmente, quedando húmeda la subcapa lanosa, la cual podría provocar resfriados o neumonía.

A parte de esos cuidados particulares, hemos de proveer a nuestra mascota de alimentación y ejercicio, así como proporcionarles juguetes apropiados. También hemos de limpiar su boca y orejas, atender el estado general de salud y vigila si sus ojos presentan suciedad o lagrimean.

Salud del gato cartujo o chartreux, a chartreux cat.
Pese a ser una raza de gatos bastante saludable hemos de contemplar algunas particularidades que podrían causar problemas de salud a nuestra mascota. Se ha comprobado que los gatos de esta raza tienden a acumular cerumen en sus oídos, es por eso que podemos pedir a nuestro veterinario que nos aconseje cómo limpiarles los oídos correctamente, con qué limpiador ótico sería mejor hacerlo y además sería oportuno que en cada visita al especialista este le hiciera una revisión que además de chequear el estado general de salud mirara con especial atención sus orejas.

Por otra parte también parece que otra enfermedad afecta especialmente a estos gatos, se trata de la denominada luxación patelar, la cual incide también en el gato bengalí, esta afección ataca a las rótulas de los cartujos, siendo más fácil que estas se disloquen que en otras razas, por ello sería convenientes realizar exámenes y seguimientos radiológicos frecuentes.

También hemos de cuidar la alimentación y la cantidad de comida que damos a nuestro cartujo, ya que son algo glotones y tendentes a desarrollar sobrepeso y obesidad, ambos bastante nocivos para la salud de nuestro felino. Pero nada que no se pueda prevenir y solucionar con una dieta equilibrada y sesiones regulares de juegos y ejercicio físico.

a chartreux cat photo:

Chartreux cat appearance

Chartreux cat appearance » Features, Habitat, Eating, Breeds, Reproduction Form

This beautiful cat of French origin is also called Carthusian, and is considered an extremely ancient breed. Although it is said that its principles are in Turkey and Iran, it was in France during the 1930s that some sisters of the surname Léger managed to develop and perfect the breed. Its coat, resembling wool, was marketed since ancient times as otter skin.

It is said that in 1931, the Chartreux cat was exhibited at the Cat Club in Paris and by 1939 the first model was transcribed. As early as the mid-1970s the United States arrived the first Chartreux cats. Currently this breed of cats is recognized by the famous associations commissioned in the study of felines, which are: FIFE, CFA and TICA.


It is mainly characterized by its blue fur and large orange eyes.

It is one of three blue-haired feline breeds. Along with the Russian Blue and the Korat cat.

Its size is medium, it can weigh up to 7 kilos.

The male is larger and with a wider breast; its body is muscular and robust.
The female is usually smaller, although equally robust.

It has a triangular-shaped head, which makes it look like it is always smiling, so it is also known as "The French Cat Smile", its ears are high and usually erect.

It is a cat with a lot of balance and tranquility, it matures little and is independent, its personality can become strong, Chartreux cat appearance. He is reserved, affectionate with tranquility, lonely, is very affectionate and always very faithful to his owner.

His biggest hobby is sleeping.

The chartreux cat is usually very clean, enjoys being neat, so its ideal environment should be dry, away from moisture and water. Because it is a strong feline, it adapts perfectly to the cold.

Like to walk outdoors, this allows you to put into practice your hunter instinct, in addition helps you to maintain the hairy appearance of your fur. However, it should be noted that the sun can generate brown reflections on the surface.

This feline tends to be very sweet and prone to obesity, especially when they are sterilized, so you have to pay close attention to your diet, otherwise it could harm your health. It is recommended all kinds of fruits and vegetables, you can even eat beef or pork (in very little amount), you can also eat fish without any problem. Foods with strong dyes, or lots of sugar (e.g. chocolate) and a lot of preservatives are prohibited in their diet. Ideally, they should usually eat premium foods.

Currently, the Chartreux cat is confused with other blue breeds, such as the Korat and the Russian Blue, the latter closely similar to the Chartreux, but this contradictory character of the different types of breed, initiated the controversy about its origin. According to many experts, Russian blue has the same origin as Chartreux. This cat has never settled in France, possibly given the competition with the Chartreux and the blue British Shorthair.

How to reproduce
This breed of felines, has an average of two kittens per litter. Puppies are usually fat, strong and take time to wean; they are very playful, jumping, and grow very slowly, Chartreux cat appearance. The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 15 years as long as they are domesticated pets, if on the contrary they are strays, it will be maximum six years.

When they are born, it is usual to observe in the kittens some stripes on their fur, but over time these will disappear and the color of their eyes will become more vivid.

Chartreux cat appearance

Chartreux cat adelaide

Chartreux cat adelaide, cat Cartujo: Characteristics, Character and Care

The Cat Carthusius or Chartreux being native to Turkey and Iran is possibly one of the oldest breeds of cats that exist. It was named by the naturalist Georges-Louis Lecrerc as the cat of France, perhaps because it was already settled in this part of Europe by the 18th century, probably previously coming from Syria during the crusades of the 12th century. Legend has it that the Carthusian monks adopted them for the hunting of rodents in times of plague and hence the well-known nickname of Carthusian cats, because they are quiet and little meowing.

The established colonies were not very numerous and thanks mainly to the work of the Leger sisters (Chrsitine and Suzanne Léger) in 1930, who created a colony on the French island of Belle lle in Mer, it was possible to develop the breed that would be officially recognized in 1939. Towards the end of the second world war it was on the verge of extinction and finally by 1980 the race could recover based on the rearing on very rigorous selection criteria and according to the original Carthusians, since the crossing with the British Sorthair in the decade of the 60s gave a multitude of different crosses. The Carthusian Cat has become a very famous and preferred companion cat in France.

Character of the Carthusian Cat
The Chatreux cat is a cat characterized mainly by being of a quiet and independent character like few others. These cats are so calm, they are even said to have made a vow of silence just like the Carthusian monks who adopted them and to whom they owe their curious name Carthusian.   They are sociable but at the same time reserved with people they do not know. They can also establish special and affectionate links with their owners.

Despite being independent cats, it is a breed of cats that love to feel pampered and pampered by their owners. In fact from the moment you create a bond with your owner, you won't want to part with it and follow it everywhere. They are fans of the games and in these highlight their dominant character against other cats or other pets. In addition to his character, they also demonstrate his skills he spends hunting.

Something that the Carthusian cat loves, is sleep, this is why they are cats that are happy living in a quiet home. In fact after a few good hours of play it will take a rich and well-deserved nap to replenish energies.

Physical characteristics of the Cat Carthusian
The Cat Cartujo has a strong and muscular body context, chartreux cat adelaide. In fact when reaching adulthood it can be observed that they lose the shape of their shoulders, because due to its thick torso, it looks similar that it does not have a neck, because its wide face is joined with its torso. It is characterized by large, round eyes of golden or copper color, which give it that air so mystical and special. They are medium-sized cats, however a male cat can come to weigh much more than a female. A male weighs 3 and a half to 7 kilos, but a female between 2 and 3 kilograms.

As a curiosity to say that Carthusian cats, like the vast majority of cats, are born with clear eyes, establishing the characteristic orange color of this breed at 3 months of age to go attenuated later with age.

The coat is short or medium length, black on the inside and grayish on the outside, has a sturdy and muscular body, as well as short, slender legs. Its head is shaped like a triangular prism but with rounded edges and wide moflets. This particular shape of the face of the cat Carthusus makes a kind of smile look on his face, for this reason he is also called "The Smile of the Cat of France", where they highlight his great golden eyes. Wide and stop nose with a flat and high forehead. Features that are carefully reviewed in feline exhibitions.

Carthusian Cat Health and Care
As for the care say that it is a cat prone to overweight, that is why a balanced diet rich in protein is recommended, as well as exercise it through games. Moderate brushing, more intense in moulting times and a bath every 6 months, Chartreux cat adelaide. This breed tends to generate more wax than others, so you have to pay special attention to cleaning your ears.

In addition, we recommend providing basic care to your cat such as:

Regular visits to the veterinarian.
Keep the vaccines up to date.
Food with a feed that has all the nutritional values necessary for it.
Cut your nails regularly.
Maintain your hygiene by also cleaning eyes, teeth and glue.

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Chartreux cat average weight

Chartreux cat average weight, a popular story says that Marie Antoinette, queen of France, trying to escape France and her problems, embarks on the United States with six of her angora cats from Turkey with the help of Captain Samuel Clough. Marie Antoinette failed to reach the United States, but her cats did. The cats arrived in Wiscasset, Maine.

A story about the origin of his name tells of a grouper named Tom Coon who collected cats to bring luck to the ship he was traveling on. It is also said that coon is a hybrid of cat and raccoon in English, cat and racoon, but it is biologically impossible.

Another version suggests that when the Vikings arrived in America they were carrying cats on their ships for superstition and to be hunted by rats. These furry cats, common ancestors of the forests of Norway, mingled with the mountain cats.

Despite the many legends that place the origin of the Maine Coon from the Turkish angoras who lived in Europe, we must state that there are many differences between these two races; starting with the size. The Maine Coon is one of the largest and heavier breeds of domestic felines.

According to the International Felina Federation a standard Maine Coon must have the following characteristics:1

The head of a Maine Coon should be medium, almost square and slightly concave profile. Prominent cheekbones and chin aligned with the nose and upper lip.

Its ears are long, pointed and finished in brushes. (In all cases, Maine Coons originating in European regions do not usually have these characteristics).)

His eyes are large and slightly oval; can be of any color except blue, which is exclusive in white cats, chartreux cat average weight.

Muscle, rectangular appearance, muscular neck in males and wide chest. Females are much smaller than males. Tendency to have higher volume in the abdominal area.

Its hair is resistant to water and snow, it is short on the head but is lengthening when reaching the tail.

Mantle colour
They can be of any color except conjoined patterns, colorpoint, chocolate, etc. The most common are tabby, solids, fumes and diluted.

chartreux cat average weight :

Chartreux cat allergies

Chartreux cat allergies, ANOA : It is usually located around the animal's chin and mouth, so they may be due to allergies, feeding or presence of foreign bodies.

Symptoms: Appearance of "coffee" beans and lumps.

Treatment: wash the affected area with neutral soap, rinse and dry well (the humidity aggravates and causes acne to appear) and rub the area with corn flour in light-haired cats and with bathane soil in the dark hair in order for the grains to dry before, chartreux cat allergies.

ALLERGY: Cats are very prone to allergies, they can even be allergic to each other, to dust, certain antiparasitics, perfumes, makeup, detergents, etc.

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing, breathing difficulties, tearitching itching.

Treatment: Elimination of causing factors.

Chartreux cat allergies photo :

Chartreux cat age

Chartreux cat age, YOUR CAT'S AGE

The life expectancy of our cats being with us is usually about 15 years on average, although they can reach 19 or 20 years if the living conditions have been good and have been well cared for and taken care of.

Exceptionally and occasionally there have been cats that have passed 30 years, but are exceptions.

In the Guinness book of records, a cat is named that lived to 34 years.

In the case of stray cats, their life expectancy is much shorter, as they are exposed to diseases, hit-and-run, cold and heat and to seek food and drink on their own and in hygienic conditions often deplorable.

Sterilization helps increase life expectancy in cats by lowering the possibility of feared testicle or ovarian cancer, chartreux cat age. Usually a happy cat and in the care of a family lives much longer than any other cat that does not get these cares.

Here you can see a chart where the ages and equivalences between a domestic or interor cat, a stray cat and the age equivalence to that of us are observed and compared.

Chartreux cat age photo :

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Chartreux cat adoption

Chartreux cat adoption, chartreux or Carthusian cat breeders

Carthusian or chartreux cats are difficult to get as there are few breeders, at least in Spain. They are usually well-educated, friendly and loyal cats. The Carthusian is said to have taken a vow of silence while living with the monks. His vocabulary is very calm. These cats, as good hunters, could have been accepted by the monks long ago in order to remove the rodents from the monastery

– If you want to acquire a cat /cat of this breed, here we show you the websites of the main breeders of this variety of cats, you can register in this directory any site you know.

Blue Velvet
Page dedicated to the breed of cat Chartreux – Carthusian. Information and own breeding in Catalonia, chartreux cat adoption. Family and exclusive treatment with our adults and children. ASFE members and partners.

Precious Blue
Chartreus cat breeders. Our cats enjoy good health, come from excellent bloodlines, and have a wonderful character that facilitates coexistence in a very familiar environment.

The Blue Monks
In Our farm you can make your dream of owning a small chartreux come true. You will be able to see photos of our specimens and get an idea of the beauty of these felines and the care with which they are treated, in order to get the best specimens and lineages in Europe. Our hatchery is registered in the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) in France.

Gatil Bellagio
Bellagio nursery is located in the concelho of Sintra. All my cats roam freely around the house and are treated as kings and queens, We propose to breed, disclose and improve as much as possible this peculiar cat root, complying with the standards established by FIFe. We are members of the Club du chat des Chartreux.

Blue Shadow
Family breeding of chartreux cats. We breed this wonderful breed in a family environment to ensure the sociability of kittens, the kittens are delivered vaccinated, identified and with health certificate. Litters available, although not all year round.

Chartreux cat adoption photo :