Thursday, December 19, 2019

Lykoi cat long hair

Lykoi cat long hair : The mysterious "wolf-cat" that mutated naturally

"Lykoi" literally means "wolf" in Greek, and that's why it has popularly been given that name to this new feline that was first seen in the United States, specifically in the cities of Tennessee and Virginia; in both cities, two litters with a significant number of members have been detected sharing physical characteristics, and there is already talk that they could be a race per se, lykoi cat long hair

After some studies were conducted at various specimens at the University of California, Davis it was ruled that they relate to the sphynx breed, to which they are quite similar, and it was concluded that they arose from a natural genetic mutation to starting from domestic short-haired cats. No congenital malformations or rarity were found, beyond the particular appearance given to him by his name.

The fur may or may be scarce or may not have it at all. The coat of hair is unique in appearance as they resemble those of certain rodents with thicker strands of hair than we usually see in common cats, lykoi cat long hair.

A wolf at home
The head of the Lykoi is wedge-shaped and its ears are particularly longer and pointed than those of other small felines; his eyes are torn and the mofletes and nose are a little more prominent. Those features make him look like the classic wolves of Hollywood movies, and that's where his name comes from.

They are highly domesticatable, agree to approach humans if they feel no danger and come to establish strong ties with their owners.

The care is the same as any other domestic cat; weekly brushing, cleaning of the environment where they do their needs, vaccination and deparasitation and others, lykoi cat long hair.

Although we still have to wait a long time and make more observations, life expectancy could be around 20 years, a number that is based on the life expectancy of other domestic cat breeds.

There are large cat breeds, small, long or short hair, or without it, like these sympathetic specimens of cornish rex image, one of the most exotic and rare breeds that exist, for the peculiarity of not having hair.

All of them, whatever their physical appearance or character, have one thing in common: cats arouse passions, lykoi cat long hair. Lovers of these animals will know that they are intelligent, curious, fascinating to observe and, above all, very 'theirs'. Whoever had a cat at home will have been able to prove it: they are the masters of the home.

Below, you will see some of the cat breeds that have fascinated us the most by their physical characteristics or by their personality, sometimes 'perruna'.

Originally from the United States, it is also known as a 'wolf cat', because its appearance resembles that of a wolf, lykoi cat long hair. The fur of the lykoi is dark grey and silver and, in some areas of its bowl, lacks hair. It's a very curious and playful breed.

Lykoi cat long hair some photos :