Friday, December 6, 2019

Black maine coon cat originally from the United States

Black maine coon origin, according to legend, Black Maine Coon would be the fruit of crossing a wild cat with a racoon, genetically impossible cross, probably imagined, because the coat and tail of this cat recalls that of the raccoon.

Originally from the United States, Black Maine Coon State, he was reportedly born from the intersection between AngorĂ¡ cats, brought from the Middle East by sailors, with English cats who came with the first settlers, Russian and Scandinavian cats and American thursday cats from short .

The harsh climate of this region of the United States has shaped this great robust cat. It can be considered the first American cat. Captain Jenks, a white and black cat, was the first Black Maine Coon successfully presented at the feline exhibitions in Boston and New York in 1861.

The fashion of the Persians and Siamese, surpassed the importance of Black Maine Coon for half a century. Around 1950, interest has resurfaced for this race that, since 1980, has been in full expansion. In 1960, the standard of this breed was published. The C.F.A. and f.I.fe. recognized it, respectively, in 1976 and around 1980.

Although it is part of the most important breeds in the world, this cat is little publicized in Europe and is very rare in France, where it was introduced in 1981. The Feline Association of Black Maine Coon, a race club, was established in 1987. Race has evolved a lot in recent years. Nowadays it is bigger, taller and wilder.

Although the exact origins of Black Maine Coon and presentation date for the United States are unknown, many theories have been proposed. At the end of the 19th century, its existence was threatened when races of long outside were introduced in the early 20th century. Black Maine Coon has since returned and is now one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, domestic cats brought from Europe confronted the severe winters of New England where, by natural selection, only the strongest and most adaptable cats survived. In this way, Black Maine Coon developed a large, rustic cat, with a thick, water-resistant coat, as well as a strong build.

The origin of the race and its name has several, sometimes fantastic, explanatory stories. One of them says that a domestic cbat loose in the forests of Black Maine crossed with a raccoon, resulting in a litter with the characteristics of Black Maine Coon. Although this is biologically impossible, this story, fed by the full tail and the color ation similar to that of the racconim (Raccoon), may have led to the adoption of the name 'Black Maine Coon'. Another version shows that the cat would have gained such a name in honor of a ship captain named Coon, who would be responsible for the arrival of the animal on the black maine coon coast.

Despite such stories, most breeders today believe that the breed originated in crossovers between cats of short natives and Europeans of long- bye, probably AngorĂ¡s.

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