Saturday, December 21, 2019

Lykoi cat breed, history, feature, size and weight

Lykoi cat breed, one of the most significant breeds of cats to date, this breed of cats gives us to understand that the development of the species or rather its beginnings was because wolves and cats had some crossover, but the reality this breed of felines is new among those who are already domestic. Even today it is not recognized as a race itself so we will have to wait to see what the experts tell us about it, and see if they determine that this is a breed of felines, so if we were so we would be in front of a race that has been certified.

It is sad to see these animals develop and grow and there is not a large number of people behind them. Although cats seem to be beloved animals the reality is that not all of these have been accepted by society and not everyone dares to care for one for the high est.

Something that must be taken into account that there are many breeds of cats so it is normal to see variations between them and between their behavior, since although a cat looks identical to others, it is certain traits that determine how real this is, are certain points that end up justifying the breed that we face.

Origin/history of Lykoi
Only for the year 2010 was when we started to see the appearance of these little ones, lykoi cat breed. It is said that its beginnings were in the United States of America. Its name Lykoi comes from the word wolf which is written in Greek.

Lykoi Cats Features
Lyjois cats have a thin tail in turn their ears are large and their body as their fur makes us understand that it is thin so it has some degree of remarkable interest. His fur would be short, so if, if you want to see an animal with a fur that's different from each other, then here we'd be in front of an interesting animal.

Size and weight of the Lykoi cat
Likoi cats weigh about 5 to 7 kilograms. If it's a little heavy animal but that makes it more flexible than it already is. Its size is considered between small and large, nothing out of the ordinary.

– One thing that draws us very much attention is the life expectancy that these little ones have, their life expectancy exceeds 20 years, lykoi cat breed. So yes, we are in front of a species that expects to be older than many other types of cats.

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