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Lykoi cat characteristics wolf

lykoi cat characteristics, the Wolf Cats. No, it's not like we've gone crazy or watched too many sci-fi movies. This recently appeared breed of cats really exists, with some very peculiar traits that has led them to that denomination as &cats wolf&s. But don't worry, they don't undergo any transformation with the full moon!

Lykoi, origin of wolf cats
The Lykoi race acquires its name from the word wolf in Greek. And they really have reason to call themselves that, since their appearance with the face with very little hair and the rest of the body with a somewhat strange fur, remind us of the protagonists of the werewolf movies.

But where does the race come from? Much has been speculated about its origin. Initially, and given their enormous resemblance, they were associated with Cats of Sphynx breed, the famous hairless cats. It was believed that the Lykoi were the result of a cross between sphynx and some other breed of cats. Recently it has been shown that this is not the case, since it has been proven that they do not possess the characteristic gene of the sphynx breed.

The possibility of being sick cats was also shuffled, but several studies were also ruled out, lykoi cat characteristics. It's a cat that behaves like any other. What they could see is that it is a mutation in which the fur grows differently from other breeds. Some hair follicles lack the characteristics needed to create hair, which means that the lower layer of hair does not exist. Hence his appearance.

Lykoi, the werewolf cats

Lykoi features
But despite that strange appearance, lykoi are very normal cats in terms of their way of being. In certain traits it is said that they are more like dogs, as they cater more to their name, but really this is not something demonstrable. As we always say, such traits depend more on each cat than on the breed itself.

These eye-catching cats have a personality usually somewhat shy at first with strangers, but quickly adapt and turn out to be tremendously playful and affectionate. Lykoi are cats with a lot of personality and also possess a great hunting instinct, which makes them very curious with their surroundings.

They can have hair with different shades, depending on the crossing that is achieved, lykoi cat characteristics. They usually mix white fur with another shade, always each hair being a single color from the capillary to the tip. But usually, they identify more with the black lykoi breed, since the contrast between the black fur dotted by some whites and the skin is greater, thus looking more peculiar characteristics.

Although we may think that given their characteristics they have some kind of special care, really at that point they are also cats of the most normal. Perhaps, like their cousins the Sphynx, they suffer more from the cold than the cats with more fur, so at that point they are a little more delicate.

Although there are already many documents that present it as a new breed, it is not yet in the catalog. They are expected to be recognized as purebred cats by 2016.

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