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Lykoi cat personality and character

Lykoi cat personality, a domestic feline that nature gave us

When we come across a pet such as the Lykoi cat, also known as "wolf cat," we tend to think that this is a hybridization of which the human being has been the architect of the hand of science. However, this beauty has been nothing less than the product of a genetic mutation in charge of nature, and the result is a sight show and a gift for the heart of feline lovers at home.

Origin of the lykoi cat personality

It was the state of Tennesse that witnessed the birth of this beautiful kitten looking as strange as it was adorable. How did it happen? Spontaneously and unexpectedly, a domestic cat of the most common we are used to seeing, manifested a genetic mutation of recessive character and this gave rise to this new species of feline, which came into the world at the hand of a black mother. This litter was the starting point of a breed of cats that is increasingly sought after by families who want a minion of so-called "rares" at home.

Breeders soon saw the opportunity to start raising anyone later called lykoi cat, whose word "wolf" means in Greek, but were careful to lean on the University of Tennesse, an institution that provided them with advice professional to assess that the rare nature of your fur is not due to any type of disease.

Why did you decide to give him the name of a wolf cat? It is not difficult to notice the motif when looking at its image in a photograph: its small, hairy face and long, scruffy fur appear to be the vivid print of the fierce owner of the steppes. However, it is essential to make it clear that there is no genetic kinship between the two.

Character and lykoi cat personality

We can't let ourselves be frightened by their somewhat scary appearance, they are a real pet charm. The connoisseurs have come to compare their character with the one that dogs develop. Why? Because several of these copies have been able to recognize their name when they are called and even to turn to the person who pronounces it.

It is very common that when confronting a stranger or a new member of the family, the most shy part of the lykoi cat's personality emerges, but they will not delay in becoming acquainted with the person and showing him his best part: mimosa and playful. If we want a sofa cat, that is, quiet and peaceful, it is better to think about whether this is the breed we are looking for, since once it settles in your home, the hunter instinct that impregnates it will come out and start exploring everything with tremendous wanting to find a succulent prey.

Intelligence is another of the traits of their personality, but people who want to integrate this race into their home do so because of how affectionate their representatives are.

Physical characteristics that make it unique
As soon as we laid our eyes on a lykoi cat, our brain begins to make associations to identify and catalog it, and that's how many people found it alike to a fantastic or non-terrestrial creature. However, the truth is that this appreciation is only because of the expression that lies on his face, since the characteristics that make him as a cat are that of a thin body, a thin tail and somewhat larger ears than expected for his size , wide at the base and pointed at its end. Its medium size leads it to weigh an average of 5.5 kilos, so it is listed as a medium breed cat. Males are larger than female specimens.

One factor that catches our attention are its imposing eyes, which are installed on the front of its triangular head and radiate the yellow color of its iris, proving that not only the green eyes of the traditional cat or the sky colors of the Siamese , can match those of the lykoi cat in exuberance.

The fur of the lykoi cat
They have different shades, specifically between eelánic or black solid and breeders have been able to promote the birth of cats of this breed with truly unique furs. However, the trend marks that black fur is the winner. To bring beauty and contrast to the color of the night, each lykoi kitten is born with a splash of light colors that refresh that deep mantle that, without that nuance, would be as immense as the night itself.

No doubt you will get a very pleasant surprise when you prepare to caress its messy coat of hard and rough appearance, since you will find an unusual softness for such a revolutionary appearance.

The lack of partial hair can be present in the lykoi breed, in fact lack the same in the snout, chin, posterior area of their ears and around their eyes, lykoi cat personality

Feeding is a nerve point in this cat; When you choose a serving, it should be of quality if you want to avoid the problems that lack of nutrients brings. However, it is allowed to give them some of the home-cooked food they love so much, but make sure it is not spiced.

Don't forget to brush it once a week and, when the fur moulting season begins, you'll need to stick to an intense, prolonged daily brushing. As soon as you glimpse, stir them with wet wipes. Don't bathe it unless it's gotten too dirty, and you'll use a cat-specific shampoo.

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