Saturday, December 21, 2019

Lykoi cat price uk

Lykoi cat price uk, you know it's a Lykoi? The truth is, I had no idea until I stumbled upon the news and here I am to comment on it.

Lykoi means wolf cat in Greek and is the result that has been obtained from a natural genetic mutation from two different litters of Sphinx cat.

We find a cat that physically assimilates a lot like a small wolf, hence the name given to it.

The result has been a normal domestic cat in terms of play and personality but with a hunter's instinct more linked to canines. They can be shown at first a little cautious with strangers at first but then they are already friendly.

For now there are only 7 legal breeders of these cats worldwide but they are expected to expand because a cat has been obtained that is currently free of diseases or imbalances.  When we talk that they are free of diseases or imbalances we mean diseases or imbalances that could have developed by the genetic mutation, but it has not been and they are totally healthy cats.

The first thing that surprises is that these cats have hairs when the sphinx cats don't have them, lykoi cat price uk.  After much evidence it is sentenced that after testing DNA, they are not sphinx cats, and that the follicles of the cat's hair do not have all the necessary components to create the hair so the Lyloi may go bald at times in his life and then return to  come out your hair. The subject of hair has been shown to have been a natural genetic mutation.

Right now the 7 breeders in the world are raising in a very cautious way to get this new breed of cat to spread firmly and with totally healthy cats. Currently there are 14 litters of these wolf cats.

And so far there is little information about it. Breeders say that their incriminating was never the emergence of a new breed of cat, which arose by natural genetic mutation. The truth is that I do not know if that is so or not, I do not know whether the fact was fortuitous or intentional. The truth is that we have a new breed of cat that is precisely not beautiful, at least for my taste.

More than a werewolf cat, I'm more like a monkey, at least the factions of the face, lykoi cat price uk. I don't know about you, how do you see it? Do you like it? Would you cheer up with one of these cats?

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