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Maine coon cat breeds large feline is increasingly popular in the world

Maine coon cat breeds, the strange breed of giant cat that everyone wants to have
This large feline is increasingly popular in the world and is a furore in networks. The story behind one of the most majestic and loving cats

Who has never dreamed of having a large feline in the home. There is an exotic breed called Maine Coon that can make it possible. The main feature of these cats is that they have a large size and an excellent personality, Maine coon cat breeds.

The name of the breed refers to the state of Maine in the United States from where they are originally from. They have a unique ability to meow in different textures and shades.

Legend has it that Queen Marie Antoinette at the attempt to flee France to the United States, embarked her six Angora cats from Turkey. Although the queen failed to reach the destination country, her cats arrived at Wiscasset Pier, Maine. Hence, the popularity of his name, Maine coon cat breeds.

Sterilized male cats can weigh in 10 to 15 kilos
"Their average weight is 6 to 10 kilos, there are some, mostly sterilized cats that can reach despite 10 to 15 kilos. On the contrary, females are smaller and are around 4 to 6 kilos and sometimes specimens of between 7 and 8 kilos can be seen, Maine coon cat breeds." He told Infobae Elena Sotnikova, owner of the LatinaCoon hatchery of Chile.

races The breed is characterized by being extremely affectionate, naughty and ideal for families with children
These cute giants have a very special temperament, are extremely affectionate and naughty, and are ideal for families with boys. Like any feline, they have a creamy hunting ability, which makes them extremely agile despite their large size, Maine coon cat breeds.

They have a very thick and bushy fur but also silky and bright, shorter on the head and shoulders. Its ears and tail contain abundant tufts of hair that protrude from its limbs. It is possible to find specimens in almost all colors.

They possess a great ability to hunt, which makes them extremely agile despite their large size
"The natural and wild charm, the nobility and the bearing, a stern look of a cat that seems to have left the forest, its imposing size: the whole count of Maine Coon attracts looks and amazes. It makes anyone who first encounters a Maine Coon be stunned by silent admiration," Elena stressed.

This breed, increasingly popular in the world, continues to participate in all feline beauty contests. From the beginning of the competitions, he led the first podiums in the American exhibitions of the twentieth century but with the introduction of the Persian race, interest in them decreased noticeably in the high competitions, Maine coon cat breeds.

Today it is among the most popular feline breeds in the world
Although they have an extremely quiet personality and suitable for department, it is not recommended because of their size to place them in small spaces, Maine coon cat breeds. Its physiological characteristics make it one of the most desired and adorable breeds of recent times.

"He is a communicative cat, sociable, very affectionate, playful, careful, attentive and attentive to his master. Life with him is a pleasure," said Elena Sotnikova, Maine coon cat breeds.

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