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Maine coon cat one of the largest breeds of domestic cat

Maine coon cat - The Maine Coon are one of the largest breeds of domestic cat and their soft and quiet meows do not seem to fit their size.

About Maine Coon Cat
While the Maine Coon Cat are cats that have a lot of attachment to people, they don't show over-reliance. The Maine Coon Cat do not constantly demand attention, although they prefer to be where their owners are, looking into everything they are doing.

The Maine Coon Cat are famous for their sweet character and docility. They usually get along well with children and dogs, as well as with other cats. The Maine Coon Cat are not big climbers, preferring to stay on the ground rather than at heights.

Source: Key Facts and Features Drawn from the World Cat Congress (WCC)

Origins of the race
The origins of the race Maine coon Cat are not accurately documented and there are many myths about it.

The Maine coon Cat, one of the oldest breeds in North America, are usually considered native to the state of Maine. One of the most widespread myths, although it is biologically impossible, is that the breed originated as a result of mating between semi-wild domestic cats and raccoons. This belief and the appearance of the cat made this breed adopt the name of Maine coon Cat. Another popular theory is that maine arose from the six domestic cats that Marie Antoinette sent to Wiscasset (Maine) when she was planning to escape France during the French Revolution.

Today, most breeders believe that the breed originated as a result of mating between existing short-haired domestic cats and foreign long-haired cats. It would have been a matter of natural selection caused by environmental conditions that created large, muscular cats with dense fur capable of surviving the harsh winters of New England.

The Maine coon cat was first mentioned locally in the 1850s in the state of Maine. The Maine coon Cat, which first appeared in the literature on cats in 1861, with the mention of a black-and-white cat called "Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines" (Captain Jenks of the Marines on horseback), were very popular in the first cat competitions that took place in Boston and New York. A female brown crowd named "Cosie" won the award for "Best Cat" at the exhibition held at Madison Square Garden in 1895, maine coon cat so cute photo.

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