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Maine coon oregon last win at an international cat show was in Portland

Maine coon oregon, everyone sees the picture! Cats. For a newcomer to the cat, it's the main, a mysterious cat. This photo is taken by anyone who is raised in the main ha ha. The main kun is not of any origin, but there are many speculations and theories.

One of them is marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, who was executed in 1793.
She was trying to escape France with the help of Captain Samuel Clough before she was executed.
One of the most famous deacons in the history she recently posted, she says she carried precious possessions to Captain Samuel Clough's boat, including six of her terrible favorite Turkish angora.
Eventually, she failed to escape, but it is said that one of the turks and angoras who had arrived in Maine had been developed into a modern Maine after several breeding, Maine coon oregon.

Marie Antoinette

Another theory is that captain Charles Coon's mother-in-law cat, who had been placed on his ship as ship cat, originated.
When Kuhn's ship docked in New England, the ship's ship was paired with local wild cat objects and referred to them as "Kuhn's Cats."

Ship Cat

Here's what you think is a descendant of wild cats and raccoons based on a genetically impossible but mythical feel.
Perhaps it's because of the bushy, blunt tail and vigorous behavior that reminds them of raccoons.

In the 1860s, 30 years before america's first catshow, the main kuhn was first introduced at a local agricultural fair in New England, Maine coon oregon.
There was no exact point criterion at this time, and the judges were not clear how to determine which cat was a good cat.
Later, in 1895, 12 Maine from Boston participated in the cat show.

In 1895, North America's first cat show was held at Madison Square Garden in New York.
Here, a female maine named Cosey becomes north America's first catshow winner!

Cosey, winner of the first cat show in the United States, 1895
The cat show winner and the most popular maine became increasingly popular in the early 20th century with the introduction of the Persian cat craze and other mother-of-two cats that originated in the Middle East, Maine coon oregon.
More than 40 years later, Maine Coon's last win at an international cat show was in Portland, Oregon, in 1911.
Unfortunately, i couldn't find the picture, but since then The Maine has been on a decline.
Breeding was almost never done, and in the 1950s it was declared extinct.
We might not have seen the current Main coon, Maine coon oregon.

Luckily, it was resurrected by Maine enthusiasts and has been a temporary breed for some time.
However, after being accredited by the CFA in 1975, in 1976 he rose to championship status, regaining his popularity in Maine.

In 1985, Maine was registered as an official mascot and today became the third most popular cat breed in the world, according to the number of kittens registered in the CFA.

On average, males weigh between 5.9 and 8.2 kg and are between 25 and 41 inches tall.
It's not as big as you think it is, Maine coon oregon.
Of course, there are individual differences, and there are plenty of kids over 10kg.
The length of the body is the sum of the tail, so you can think of it up to 120 cm.
The oldest cat is the Main, not the Savannah Cat, Maine coon oregon.

2010 Guinness Champion Stewie, 123cm tall
Comparing the size of Maine and Savannah Cat, wondering?
I go out of the video~
Cutest cats playing/fighting

There are similar seedlings, Norwegian forest cats and Siberian cats that can be distinguished by their size, but only when you look at the photos, Maine coon oregon.

Maine VS Noll Forest
Once the ears are larger than the hair, the finished hair is more courageous, and the face is more ha ha

There is a picture of the above three varieties.

From above to Maine, Siberian, Knoll Forest
When the cat's face is not well distinguished, each breed has a different skull, so if you look at it, you get a lot of tea, Maine coon oregon.
Siberian looks certainly different and looks similar to The Maine, but the lines and jaws that fall from the forehead are very different in size.
It is also easy to distinguish between the shape of the tail, the chest, and the ear ornamental hair, Maine coon oregon.

Because the chin is well developed, it resembles a tiger-like beast rather than a cat.

The solid body and layered double coat are a piecemeal glimpse of the evolving environment of the Mainkun.
The fur is suitable for the snowy wilderness and is water-resistant, making it easy to adapt to snow and ice environments.
Instead, you should be careful about heat stroke, as you will get a lot of heat in the summer.

Most of the original Maine in New England have polygourism (a symptom with one more finger).

The left is usually a cat right
That's why children who still have polysors are often seen.
X-rays of 70 Maine living in Europe, Canada and the United States in France reveal edifying bone structures but not having any health or life, Maine coon oregon.

The Maine is one of the largest cats with a social and gentle nature called the Gentle Giant.
The relaxedness and gentleness are not to be loved by those who are initially overwhelmed by their size.
Savannah cats, and even large dogs, are larger and have a mild er...

??? ha haha haha haha haha ha
It is known to have above-average intelligence, which is relatively easy to train, and is often known to have dog-like characteristics, Maine coon oregon.
I'm faithful to my family, but i'm not a knee-jerk.
He is said to be well-behaved with other pets as well as people.

Like a son who is drinking too little, he is also sleeping...

Maine are good children who are not afraid of water and are good to take a bath.
Just touching the water makes it easier for people in the neighborhood to bathe than children who catch cats in their homes, Maine coon oregon.
If the water is deep, you can enjoy swimming.
In overseas photography, you can see a lot of playing with the main kun in the private pool.

The main of charm without exit!
It's not a rare species in Korea anymore, but it's not uncommon for people to raise them.
If you go to Maine, the birthplace of cats, you can see them wandering around at night near the mountains, Maine coon oregon.

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