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Savannah cat size chart, the world's tallest cat

Savannah cat size chart, the world's tallest cat. The Savannah cat is a beautiful breed of exotic cat. With a domestic cat temperament and a wild look, inherited from his ancestor the African serval (wild feline).

These cats have caught the eye in recent decades for their majestic and wild physique. That's why we want to tell you throughout this article everything about Savannah cats, their origin, features, health data and their care.

Origin of the Savannah cat
The Breed of Cats Savannah, arises in 1986 following a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat, but it was only until 2012 that the breed was officially recognized by the TICA (The International Cat Association).

The domestic cats used in the crossing were breeds of cats with short hair and the motivation that the hatcheries had to continue to produce this breed, was the power to have a domestic cat that had the appearance of an elegant leopard cat at home, savannah cat size chart.

The new breed of cat, had a welcome awakening great interest and it was for this reason that breeders began to make crosses with other breeds of domestic cats such as the Egyptian Mau, Ocicat and Oriental shorthaired breeds until improving the breed that today is known co Mo cat Savannah.

Savannah, was the name given to the first baby born of Savannah cat because the African serval inhabits the savannah of sub-Saharan Africa (south of the Sahara Desert) and it was for this reason the breed was named Savannah.

Savannah Cat Features
The Savannah cat has very particular physical characteristics that make it look similar to a leopard. It is a large cat, with a slim and stylized body. It has long legs, triangular head with quite large and pointed ears.
They can weigh 10 to 12 kilograms and have a life expectancy of 12 to 20 years. The Savannahs have large, expressive eyes that are accompanied by a black tear and although the color of the most common and popular fur is the striped spotted coffee, they can also be of other colors such as:

Savannah Cat Colors
• Striped stained silver
Marble: The machas are combined with the striped creating a spiral marble appearance. They can be coffees or silver.
• Smoked black: the striped is black but the spots are even blacker, creating a smoky visual effect.

There are also "savanna cats" in very strange and unusual colors. Even cats with different furs are not considered savannahs by international cat associations, as they are felines that are born more like a common cat and not with the wild characteristics inherited from the Serval, savannah cat size chart. These colors can be:

• Cinnamon colour
• Blue color (dark silver grey)
Beige color
Snow: white with beige spots.

Savannah Cat Personality
Savannah cats have an amazing personality. Thanks to having the agility and independence of a wild feline animal combined with the tenderness and loyalty of a domestic cat.
They are extroverted cats, funny and very intelligent, savannah cat size chart. They tend to learn fast and are quite curious, because they love to explore all the spaces. They are cats with a medium and high level of activity, as they love to play, run and jump.

They can even jump up to 2 meters away, thanks to their long, flexible legs and athletic body.

With a Savannah cat in your home you can have fun in every space, like in the water. Since it is very different from most felines, he loves water and will love to swim and splash in the puddles.

However, because it is a domestic cat whose progenitor is a wild feline, its character also depends on the level of kinship it has with the African Serval. That is, Savannah cats are rated in F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5.

Where F1 cats are the offspring that are born from the first crossing between the Serval and the domestic cat. F2s are young born to a Savannah cat crossed with a domestic cat. And so it will be until we reach the F5, which will be cats with a family tree where the African Serval is 5 generations ago.

That's why Savannah F1 cats will have a wilder character and will be bigger. And Savannah F5 cats on the other hand will have a more affectionate personality and will be smaller, because they are the cats that are further away from the original crossing involving the African Serval.

Savannah Cat Health
Despite being a large, strong and healthy cat, due to its hybrid animal status, Savannah cats may have different health conditions than a common cat. For example:

They may have the smallest liver. For this reason you should exercise caution when giving you any type of medicine.
The first generation may be infertile, especially males.
Pregnant cats are at risk of preterm births, as the gestation time of cats is 60 days and the Serval is 75 days.
It has been noted in several savannah cat spices that may have resistance to anesthesia. For this reason it is advisable to use a specific type of injectable anesthesia for exotic or hybrid cats.


In addition to these cases, Savannah cats may have entry to certain U.S. countries and states also because they are hybrid animals.

They usually don't have other genetic problems. Since for most of the hatcheries in charge of this breed it is of paramount importance to perform genetic tests before performing any type of crossing of savannah cats.


Savannah Cat Care
Savannah cats, in addition to having the same care of any short-haired cat as: care for their hygiene, periodic visits to the veterinarian, their vaccinations a day, brushing their fur at least 1 time per week, healthy diet, complete and exercise. They have some specific care for their hybrid species status such as:

It is very important that you warn your trusted veterinarian that you are going to have a hybrid cat, as the supply of medicines must be regulated, as Savannah cats may have smaller kidneys.
They must have a high-nutrient diet. Preferably a dry and moist food condition. In addition, it is a cat feed that has a good level of quality, avoiding those that contain grain.
Due to their large size, it is important that they live in a large space where they can feel comfortable and move with peace of mind, savannah cat size chart. This in order to avoid stress pictures in the feline.


With these cares and above all with a lot of love you can welcome a Savannah cat into your home. Now tell us if after reading this article it caught your eye welcoming a Savannah cat into your home and we also hope you can share this information on social media if it has been of interest to you.

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