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Savannah cat size comparison to dog

Savannah cat size comparison to dog, CAT SAVANNAH, THE WORLD'S LARGEST DOMESTIC CAT. Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a Savannah cat? It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive feline breeds in the world and is that it is the largest exotic domestic cat in the world. Exotic? That's right, since its origin is wild. But don't worry, even if it's considered exotic, the truth is that it doesn't stop being a domestic cat, in fact, it would be totally incapable of living in freedom.

So... if it's exotic and at the same time domestic can I have it at home? Of course, it is totally legal to live with a cat of African origin, yes, be prepared because its size is considerable.

This Savannah cat is named because of its wild feline origin. It is also known as savannah cat or savannah cat since it arises from the mixture of domestic cats with the African serval, feline somewhat larger than an ordinary cat, although of medium size if compared to other felines that inhabit the savannah. The result? A bigger cat, stylized, longer legs and slightly erect ears.

Its first appearance dates back to 1986 and it was from the 80s when it began to develop, care for and preserve as a race. Being a breed considered in the process of settlement, it is somewhat difficult to find this species all over the world. In fact, it is in the United States that most of these particular cats live. But do not lose faith, we already know the ability of cats to perpetuate theself and form new generations.

Many crosses occur in the world of cats, savannah cat size comparison to dog. But the combination of breeds that forms the Savannah cat gives it especially particular characteristics. The fact that it combines behaviors typical of an African wild animal, with attitudes of a pet makes it considered an all exotic cat, as well as special.

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Let's look at some of the most curious features:

The first feature, and the one that makes the cat Savannah such a particular animal, is its size. The percentage of African serval it possesses gives it an unusual size when it comes to a domestic cat.

This magnificent cat can measure between 67 cm and 100 cm. With a tail 45cm long! Can you imagine him climbing your couch, playing with the curtains or running down your hallway? Impresses.

As for the weight, there are more light ones, about 9 kg, but there are also more than 20 kg. As with any living being, each individual is unique. But, in this case, it is very important that the cat eatwell and play sports. If it is already a large feline, overweight can become truly monstrous.

We know cats. They are naughty, playful, intelligent and the true kings of the house. It is inthis that is not different from the rest of the cats, savannah cat size comparison to dog. That said, it's a very loyal cat.

What makes the Savannah cat particularly its generations. Being a more or less new breed, there are 5 generations (F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5).

What sets them apart? Savannah cats belonging to the first two are particularized for being very active, but with a more distant character than their owners. Perhaps it is because it is much closer to its wild origins of the African serval. Keep in mind that F1s would have around 53% serval, a really high percentage considering that it is a domestic cat.

The F4 and F5 are much more attached to their owners, although with this you know that there are as many characters as animals exist. Those belonging to the third generation are considered intermediate.

Cat and water. Cat and walk down the street. They are usually completely incompatible concepts. Not for the Savannah cat, savannah cat size comparison to dog. These cats love water. It's unusual, but it's like that. One more element they inherit from the wild African serval.

The other unusual feature is that you may find them walking down the street with their owners. That said, always well tied up. Don't even think about taking it off without a harness, you may never see it again.

In the case of dogs, the mixture of wild cat breed usually translates into a shorter life expectancy. When we talk about the Savannah cat happens the other way around, they live longer than ordinary cats. They can exceed 20 years. This is due to the strength of this species with respect to many common diseases.

However, fundamental a good diet, an active life with a lot of exercise and love, a lot of love.

As we have been pointing out, this is a very recent species, for which it is difficult to find it easily. This makes it even more special. A truly exotic animal that can live with you fantastically. They are great companions, good hunters, intelligent, curious, active and with a very strong health.

Unbelievable, isn't it? No doubt the Savannah cat leaves no one indifferent. A unique animal for its origin, its particularities and its beauty.

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