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Savannah cat size comparison to house cat, a new species

Savannah cat size comparison to house cat, A new species: the Savannah cat. The Savannah cat is obtained by crossing an African serval with a domestic cat. Serval is a wild feline that lives in the savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa and is of medium size. The first cat that emerged from this crossing was called Savannah by the habitat of the father, and from there derived the name of the whole race. Savannah F1 Cat

The first savannah cat specimen was produced in 1986 and from there, given the beauty and genetic characteristics of the product obtained, the first Savannah cat breeders worked for several years until obtaining approval as a new breed of cat by The International Cat Association in 2012.

Physical characteristics of cat Savannah
Savannah Cats are the biggest cats out there. They are tall and stylized, reaching 18 kilos in weight and resemble small leopards. As a hybrid species, the first generation of Savannahs may have problems when it comes to reproducing, especially males, with high infertility rates.

They are extremely agile animals, being able to jump 2 meters thanks to the length of their legs. They can swim, dive, climb trees and even hunt a bird on the fly. Unlike most domestic cats, they are not afraid of water.

Savannah Cat Rating: F1 to F5
The character of these cats is determined by the generation to which they belong, depending on the point of their family tree the wild cat or serval is located, savannah cat size comparison to house cat.

Savannah cats can be F1, if they are direct crosses of a serval and a domestic cat; F2 if that generation crosses with another domestic cat, and so on until reaching F5.

The further away they are from the original crossing, the more domestic and affectionate their character, while the F1s are somewhat sullen and very active animals.

Savannah F1 Cat: 50% Serval
Savannah F2 Cat: 25% Serval
Savannah F3 Cat: 12% Serval
Cats Savannah F4 and F5: % Minimum Serval

It will also change the size with the generation to which they belong, with the F1 being the largest to decrease as the percentage of serval decreases.

While Savannah F1 cats can weigh 18 kilos and measure up to 95 cm in height, the size decreases as the serval percentage decreases.

They are often compared to dogs for their more characteristic behavior of canines, savannah cat size comparison to house cat. They are extremely playful, loyal animals that will follow their owners around the house and that can be trained to collect balls. They are very social and friendly with other cats and dogs. Most people are not afraid of water and even enjoy the baths.

Savannah Cat Health
Savannah cats have the characteristic "hybrid vigour" typical of crossbreeds between species, since still coming from felines, the serval and the domestic cat are actually different species.

This has led to certain US countries and states banning the entry of these animals, thus preventing them from competing advantageously with local wildlife with their greatest genetic strength.

The reproduction of the Savannah cat is delicate, and the percentage of sterile animals is Savannah F5 elevated Cat, savannah cat size comparison to house cat. Added to this is a high risk of preterm births, as the cat has a gestation period of 60 days, but the serval is 75 days.

Due to its recent origins, there are still insufficient veterinary records to know of its most common possible health problems, although they have not been seen to respond well to anesthesia.

Savannah Cat Price
In addition to being the biggest cats, they are also the most expensive. As an exotic species, they are highly valued on the market and the difficulty of breeding has raised prices. A Savannah F1 or F2 cat can cost $8,000, although F3s to F5 can drop to $3,000.

There is some controversy between Savannah breeders and cat lovers and animalists, who advocate the maintenance of borders between different species. Although crossing species has proven useful in some cases, playing God can end up giving us long-term problems.

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