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Savannah cat size comparison

Savannah cat size comparison, all about this race. Meet the savannah cat, savannah cat or savannah cat Features and photos of this amazing, and relatively new breed of wild ancestors.

The savannah cat is an enigmatic feline with super active and fearless personality! They love spending time playing with their owner, following him everywhere and they are great jumpers!

Origin of the Savannah cat
The origin of the Savannah cat is in the 80s, from crosses between domestic cats and the African serval, a feline of small-medium size, but significantly larger than a domestic cat, with very long and thin legs, savannah cat size comparison.

The 2 photographs below correspond to the African Serval, you can read all the information and curiosities about this species by clicking on the Serval tab:

cat savannah price

cat savannah race

Which domestic cats crossed with the wild African serval?

Siamese cat
Common short-haired cats
Short-haired Orientals
Egyptian Mau
Is the savannah cat an officially recognized breed? At the moment, the international cat club TICA (The international cat association) already recognizes them.

Savannah Cat Character
What's the behavior of a Savannah cat like? This breed is not suitable for anyone, especially in generations closer to serval, and in general, it is not recommended for people who do not have any kind of experience with cats, savannah cat size comparison.

savannah race cat

Savannah cats are smart, curious, moved and... a little particular!!

On its most "crazy" and wildside, the savannah cat is active, jumping, climbing, an artist of escapism, able to sneak through any gaps or window between open. So you have to be careful with them! If you have a chance, you love going outside and hunting mice!

But they also have their affectionate side. They normally worship one person, who is followed everywhere. Savannah cat owners often say they "have dog personality", because they like to be close to their favorite human, follow him, play alongside him, savannah cat size comparison. Also lick your human, in a sign of affection, like dogs!

Of course, the character of these cats greatly influences the percentage of wild blood they carry. Since cats that only have a wild great-great-grandfather, being the rest of their domestic cat ancestors, tend to look more like ordinary cats, and be calmer and meek.

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The Savannah cat is large, weighs between 5 and 11 kilos, depending on what type of generation it belongs to. The closer they are to the African serval, the larger they are. The savannah cat's appearance is wild, magnetic and exotic!. That's his most distinctive feature.

Savannah cat

The Savvanah cat has a thin body, very stylized, and with elongated limbs. Its head is triangular in shape, with large pointed ears located at the top of the head.

savannah cat

The weight of the savvanah cat is very variable, depending on the percentage of African serval in your blood. The smaller Savannahs weigh 5 or 6 kilos, the largest can weigh up to 11 kilos!!
Ashera cat f3The savannah is considered as the largest cat in the world, although it is true that its size owes it entirely to its wild ancestor, the serval. The more they cross paths with domestic cats and the less serval blood they have, the more the size of the savannahs shrinks. Look at the photograph on the left, it corresponds to a one-year-old savannah F3 cat. You can see that its size and appearance are much more like that of a domestic cat than the wild African serval, which you have seen in the upper photos.

The fur of these cats is very beautiful and eye-catching. They have short hair, whose background color ranging from orange to amber with brownish touches and stripes and black dots. The feeling to the touch is velvety.

White savannah cat
There is the so-called snow savannah cat or white savvanah cat. These cats are not completely white, but have a background of cream or whitish fur, but maintain the mottled pattern, savannah cat size comparison. Look at the video below, where you can see a white savannah and compare both patterns.

Cat savannah price
How much a savannah cat costs. We should know that the price of a breed cat, depends to a large extent on the characteristics of that cat, and its availability. With few breeders in the world dedicated to this breed, which is not yet widespread, the price of the savannah cat is expensive, and ranges from 1,500 dollars to 7,000 U.S. dollars. Cats at these prices are sold as pets, i.e. sterilized.

However, before considering having a savannah, you should know that in some places, for example in some north american states, the teenecia of these hybrid cats is prohibited.

Savannah cat size comparison photo :