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Savannah cat size f1

Savannah cat size f1, The Savannah Cat or Savannah Cat is a feline breed characterized mainly by its stained fur similar to that of a leopard and that was developed thanks to the cross between the Tabby Cats and African Servales, the latter are wild cats a little larger than those domestic cats and live in the savannah, for that reason it was decided to name the breed Savannah

Story of the savannah cat or savannah cat
In the research of new breeds of cats, through hybridizations, in search of a more beautiful and different breed of cat, in 1986 he crossed to a domestic cat with an African serval. Serval is an animal that lives in Africa, which weighs a maximum of 18kg and usually has a maximum of 4 young.

The kitten who was born from that first crossing inherited the main characteristics of her father, that is, the size, the mottled pattern of her fur, and of course also part of the feline wild instinct. Although, having as a mother a domestic cat, we assume that her little girl must have liked to be in the company of humans.

A number of cat breeders became interested in this special kitten, and continued to develop the breed. Thus, they crossed with Siamese cat, common cat with short hair, oriental short hair, Egyptian mau.

In 2012 it was officially accepted as a breed by TICA.

Newer generations are smaller in size than the first, and more docile.

Origin of the savannah cat
Savannah cats arouse some controversy. They are the result of crossing a domestic cat and a serval (medium-sized African wild cat and large ears). These first crosses re-reproduced and the resulting cats are called domestic.

These genetic crosses, were produced in the United States of America, so the origin of this animal is based in that country, Savannah cat size f1.

Savannah cat features
The Savannah cat has very particular physical characteristics that make it look similar to a leopard. The features are as follows:

Height: The medium-sized Savannah Cat measures between 50 and 60 cm.
Weight: It is a large cat, with a slim and stylized body. Its weight varies according to its size, and it is linked to the percentage of African Serval that carries in the blood, the smaller specimens weigh between 5 and 6 kg, while the larger ones weigh about 11 kg.

Body: It is a large cat, with a slim and stylized body.

Fur: The most common and popular fur is the striped brown, they can also be of other colors.

Fur color: The base color varies between orange and amber, plus it has stripes and black dots, Savannah cat size f1. There are also some specimens with the background of cream-colored fur.

Eyes: They have large, expressive eyes that are accompanied by a black tear. They can have various shades of colors, are medium-sized and almond-shaped.
Ears: pointed and high insertion.
Nose: wide and a little prominent
Tail: Is medium and refines as it reaches its end.

Savannah cat colors
The color of the Savannah cat has several shades, but in general all retain their characteristic striped fur. In all colors he retains his wild spirit!

Silver-spotted striped
Marble: The machas are combined with the striped creating a spiral marble appearance. They can be coffees or silver.
Smoked black: the striped is black but the spots are even blacker, creating a smoky visual effect.
Savannah Cat Character
The behavior of the Savannah race may vary slightly depending on the generation to which it belongs. If it is of the first generations, it will be much more active, and it will not show much interest in pampering; On the other hand, if you are one of the last generations (F4,F5), you will feel more eager to be with humans and enjoy more of your company.

You have to take into account the wild origin of this animal, that means that it loves to jump, be outdoors, and play.

Special care of the savannah cat
The savannah cat is not a common cat, so the care that is carried out are stricter. In addition to the normal care of a cat, we should follow the following aspects to the letter.

You have to eat excellent quality food, without cereals or by-products. Ideally give you Diet Yum, Summum or similar since you are a kitten, so we will make sure that its growth and development are optimal.
Every day you have to go for a walk with him, as if it were a dog. The Savannah has to be able to walk outside, with its harness and strap, and always in quiet areas. Besides, at home you have to spend time with it. Two or three 10-15 minute game sessions last every day.
As far as the fur is concerned, it will be enough to brush it daily and clean your eyes with a gauze moistened with chamomile (ininfusion) from time to time.
This is a cat that is in good health. However, visits to the veterinarian are mandatory.
Savannah Cat Health
Despite being a large, strong cat and with good genetic health, due to its hybrid animal status, Savannah cats may have different health conditions than a common cat. For example:

They may have the smallest liver. For this reason you should exercise caution when giving you any type of medicine.
The first generation may be infertile, especially males, Savannah cat size f1.
Pregnant cats are at risk of preterm births.

Savannah Cat Buying Tips
First of all, remember that you are an animal and have feelings, it is NOT a gift. It requires a series of care. Once this is explained, we can go with the advice. You're closer to your friend The Savannah Cat!

Make sure that you answer your questions, that you discover yourself aware of the breed, and that you offer to keep track of the puppy after the sale. Is it implied, or is it limited to setting a price?

See if it is recommended by other breeders, or if you have references from satisfied customers.
Give you guarantees regarding health, physical, hereditary problems. Does the puppy deliver veterinary card, chip, vaccines, deparasitizations and veterinary checks to the day?

You ask him to show you his facilities and let you see the specimens Are they disease-free?

And finally, remember that the puppies need a minimum of two months with their mother before they are delivered. Be suspicious of anyone who wants to speed up the process.

Buy Savannah Cat
Now that we know the tips, we can look at buying savannah kittens.

Depending on the place of purchase, the price of the savannah cat may be as follows:

The price of the savannah cat in Spain is between 1400 and 6700 euros depending on your pedigree and age.
A private individual can leave you for 400-600 euros.
Otherwise, a great option is to approach the nearest crawlers or big cities to see if they have cats savannah for adoption.

cat savannah buy
Perfect for your Savannah Cat
Your cat Savannah loves to play, you know. Why don't you buy him some toys to keep him hunting, or some to play together? It is very important to strengthen the bond with your cat.

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