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Types of cats breed

Types of cats breed, discover all the breeds of cats that exist and how they are

If you are a cat lover and are thinking of adopting one, you may want to know how many breeds there are and which one suits your personality. If right now you're not thinking about acquiring a new friend, it's not too much to know these interesting animals.

When we think of cats, five or six types come to mind, but the truth is that there are more than fifty breeds of domestic cats, classified according to different characteristics of the animal. Under the recognition of feline clubs, cats are grouped into the following breeds, among many others.


The Abyssinian cat is a fairly popular breed for its elegance and personality. He's a friendly, playful and strong pet. They are naughty cats, curious, very intelligent and with a little training can be very polite and transigent.


The short-haired American cat was created to clean up The properties of American farmers from small rodents. It is a loving, friendly and independent animal, with a playful and hunter spirit. Cats of this breed are reenny and in a first contact distrustful.


American rough-haired cats appeared from an unintentional mutation in a red-white cat that was born with extraordinarily rough fur and is the common ancestor of all that exist. They are cats with a great adaptability, resistant to diseases and very intelligent. In addition, they are affectionate, loyal and reserved, types of cats breed.


The angora is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats and has its origins in Ankara, Turkey, where they are a symbol of purity and a national treasure. These animals are agile, meowing, very intelligent and active. They like to be cared for and be the center of attention, as well as climbing to high and secluded places in the house.


Russian blue is a breed of cat known for its intelligence and its affectionate and sociable character, because these cats usually learn tricks with ease and do not tolerate loneliness well. On the other hand, they tend to be in good health, they form very close relationships with their owners, they are calm, tolerant and playful.


The Balinese cat is a breed of cat that appeared after crossing a Siamese cat with long-haired cats. These cats are loyal to their owner and indifferent to the rest of the people around them. They are very sweet, docile, quiet and enjoy the company of other animals and be the center of attention.


The flare cat is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat. It is a muscular and large animal, the males can weigh nine kilos. They are characterized by being great swimmers, hyperactive, curious, affectionate and sociable, types of cats breed.


The Holy One of Burma is a cat with a lot of history because there are both legends about its existence and its arrival in Europe. In addition, after the Second World War only a European couple remained, in France, and it took a lot to regain the race. These cats are sociable, affectionate, faithful, intelligent and playful.


The American bobtail is a rare breed of cat. These animals are playful, sociable and very intelligent, so much so that they are able to escape from closed rooms and attract the attention of their owners with meows or jumping on their lap.


The Japanese bobtail is a small domestic cat that has a tail similar to that of a rabbit. According to Japanese culture, it brings luck to those who care for him. In fact, both lucky golden cats and Hello Kitty are based on Japanese bobtails. They are active, extroverted, curious and very sociable animals.


Bombay cats are the result of the cross between a short-haired American cat and a Burmese cat, whose goal was to raise a black Burmese cat that resembled a leopard. These animals are playful, very active, hunters, agile and very confident, as well as curious and sociable. They can become possessive with their masters.


The Norwegian Forest is a cat endemic to the Scandinavian countries present in Norse mythology and very popular in Europe. They are affable, sociable and affectionate animals with a strong instinct for parenting. Despite this, they are independent and intelligent and do not demand much attention.


The British Shorthair is a breed of descent from cats that brought to Britain the Romans crossed with the natives of the island. A curiosity of these cats is that they have two layers of waterproof fur. They are sweet and pampered animals, dependent on their owners and great friends of children and other animals.

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