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Types of cats in english

Types of cats in english, top 10 favorite cat breeds of the english

english now has 12.7 million domestic cats. Based on its internal cat insurance comparison data, reveals the 10 breeds of felines most popular with the english. Watch out, favorite in perspective.

10. Turkish Angora (1%)
Angora Turkish
This majestic cat with medium-long hair is native to Turkey. A symbol of finesse, purity and wealth, traces of the Turkish Angora have been found in the East for more than 1,000 years. Its fine morphology and large almond eyes make it a breed appreciated by the english, although still confidential.

9. Ragdoll (1%)
The Ragdoll cat is of great size and is known to be extremely gentle, calm and docile. A true contortionist, he possesses a relaxed muscular tone - and therefore an extraordinary flexibility - which allows him to adopt the craziest positions.

8. The British Shorthair (2%)
British Shorthair
This medium-sized British feline has a distinctive head and round eyes. Robust and powerful, but with a mysterious look, the British Shorthair inspired the cheshire cat character in Lewis Caroll's novel Alice in Wonderland (1865).

7. Bengal (2%)
This large cat from the United States wears a fur imitating the pageantry of the Bengal leopard. A cross between the domestic cat and the leopard cat (a small Asian wild feline), Bengal is particularly athletic, intelligent and curious. Another special feature: it is one of the only cats that loves water! types of cats in english.

6. Siamese (2%)
Siamese is descended from the sacred cats of the temples of Siam, Southeast Asia. The first specimens were rather round and robust, but English breeders evolved the breed by crossing it with oriental subjects to obtain the finer and longer Siamese that we know today.

5. The Chartreux (2%)
The Chartreux is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. It is said to have been imported from the East by the Templars in 1110. His calm temperament, silky grey-blue fur and massive build make him a champion of cuddles and a true playmate for children.

4. The Sacred of Burma (4%)
Sacred of Burma
Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Sacred of Burma originated in english. While his blue eyes and light dress are identical to those of siamese, he is distinguished by mid-length hairs and delicately gloved white legs.

Malynx tip!
Do you like your cat? Think about protecting him. Only 5% of owners have taken out health insurance for their pets in english, compared to 40% for the English and 80% for Swedes.

3. Persian (4%)
This long-haired, silky English cat was first called a "english cat," then a "Chinese cat" and then an "Indian cat," before being called "longhair." Also appreciated for its sweetness of character, the Persian is a quiet and placid pet cat, particularly suited to apartment living.

2. Maine Coon (5%)
Coon Hand
The Maine Coon is the largest of all domestic cats! With a capacity of up to 14 kg, it is considered to be very independent and excellent hunter. Ideal for scaring mice away from country houses, this cat loves the outdoors and physical activity, types of cats in english.

1. The European (71%)
European cat
And the winner is... The European cat! Or more commonly: the gutter cat. Thanks to an unusual adaptability, this small feline with various shapes and colors has spread in Europe over the centuries and has finally carved out the lion's share in the homes of the english. The breed now accounts for almost 71% of the tricolour domestic cats alone.

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