Thursday, December 19, 2019

Werewolf cat very friendly and sociable character

The disturbing werewolf cat, Sphinx cats are famous, as well as for their majestic bearing, for the almost total absence of fur on their body. However, it is precisely this characteristic that differentiates them from a new and unique race of felines of which they are direct ancestors and whose existence we have discovered in the blog "Schnauzi" and which responds to the name "lykoi".

These cats take their name from the Greek term with which wolves are designated, since their peculiar appearance gives them a similar appearance to that of these animals, more related to dogs than with felines. This is because werewolf cat have a very similar appearance to the traditional film representation of the werewolf, with the entire body covered in hair except for the face and ears.

Despite their strange appearance, the lykoi are just as playful, mischievous and affectionate as the rest of domestic cats, although some of the breeders who try to spread the new breed claim that they possess a slightly "canine" behavior. According to their claim, these cats have a hunter instinct, a lot of personality and are wary of strangers, although they quickly become friendly, as can be seen in some videos of these wolf cats that are causing a furore on the net.

The origin of this new breed of feline is found in a natural genetic mutation detected in two litters of sphinx cat. Its owners decided to study the animals to check that it was not a disease and found that they did not share the genes of Sphinx cats.

A subsequent analysis determined that the lykoi not only constituted a new race, but did not suffer from any disease or imbalance caused by the genetic mutation that has given them this peculiar and slightly disturbing aspect.

Character of the "werewolf cat"
The few species of werewolf cat that have been adopted by homes, have demonstrated a very friendly and sociable character. Which is sometimes hard to believe, because at first glance these cats may reflect being wild.

werewolf cat reflect a similar character to any domestic cat, however they are not as independent.

Some werewolf cat photo :