Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Chartreux cat adoption

Chartreux cat adoption, chartreux or Carthusian cat breeders

Carthusian or chartreux cats are difficult to get as there are few breeders, at least in Spain. They are usually well-educated, friendly and loyal cats. The Carthusian is said to have taken a vow of silence while living with the monks. His vocabulary is very calm. These cats, as good hunters, could have been accepted by the monks long ago in order to remove the rodents from the monastery

– If you want to acquire a cat /cat of this breed, here we show you the websites of the main breeders of this variety of cats, you can register in this directory any site you know.

Blue Velvet
Page dedicated to the breed of cat Chartreux – Carthusian. Information and own breeding in Catalonia, chartreux cat adoption. Family and exclusive treatment with our adults and children. ASFE members and partners.

Precious Blue
Chartreus cat breeders. Our cats enjoy good health, come from excellent bloodlines, and have a wonderful character that facilitates coexistence in a very familiar environment.

The Blue Monks
In Our farm you can make your dream of owning a small chartreux come true. You will be able to see photos of our specimens and get an idea of the beauty of these felines and the care with which they are treated, in order to get the best specimens and lineages in Europe. Our hatchery is registered in the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) in France.

Gatil Bellagio
Bellagio nursery is located in the concelho of Sintra. All my cats roam freely around the house and are treated as kings and queens, We propose to breed, disclose and improve as much as possible this peculiar cat root, complying with the standards established by FIFe. We are members of the Club du chat des Chartreux.

Blue Shadow
Family breeding of chartreux cats. We breed this wonderful breed in a family environment to ensure the sociability of kittens, the kittens are delivered vaccinated, identified and with health certificate. Litters available, although not all year round.

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