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Chartreux cat breed

Chartreux cat breed, characteristics and personality

The chartreux is one of the oldest cat breeds that exist. Its shapes are rounded, especially on the face, where its wide mofletes seem to draw a smile on his face. It is also known by the name of cat Carthusian.

This feline is very quiet, affectionate and unme-conmeper. Because of its blue fur and golden eyes, it is often mistaken for Russian blue or korat. For his past as a hunter he enjoys exploring and playing his own.

Character of the Chartreux cat breed

The chartreux, also called Maltese carthusor or cat, is an extremely quiet, affectionate and playful feline. Despite being independent and enjoying your time playing or watching solo you need the company of the humans with which you forge a great bond.

It is said that his calm temper comes from his time with the Carthusian monks, who gave him his preference for calm environments, as if he too had made his particular vow of silence.

As good hunters he loves games, even creating his own toys with any object he finds, chartreux cat breed. Interactive games are very suitable for this race, precisely, for their intelligence and curiosity.

However, he will always try to prevail or dominate the rest when he interacts. He gets along well with the children he consents to everything. She loves to sleep and you'll soon see how she's looking for a suitable place for her long naps.

Possible Chartreux health problems

The Carthusian enjoys the privilege of being one of the healthiest feline breeds out there. His only weaknesses in this regard are knee dislocations or hip dysplasia, motivated by his propensity for obesity.

Gingivitis, among other oral conditions, as well as ear infections are other health-related Achilles heels. A correct and periodic hygiene will prevent its appearance, as well as the intake of dry feed in the specific case of gingivitis.

Race History and Curious Facts

Do you know that this breed is very popular in France? Not in vain, the naturalist Georges-Louis Lecrerc called these specimens 'cats of France' because of their roots there in the 18th century, probably after their arrival from Syria in the 12th century in the middle of the crusades.

Its origin is uncertain. It is estimated that chartreux comes from Syria or from the mountains between Turkey and Iran. It is also believed that it arrived in France from the Middle East as a skin supplier. However, the first colonies were scarce.

The Leger sisters' effort in 1930 was able to enhance their presence on the island of Belle Lle e Mer in French Brittany. The breed was officially recognized in 1939, but at the end of World War II it was on the verge of extinction.

From 1980 ondays ondays, the selection criteria were chosen to relaunch its population, chartreux cat breed. Crosses with the British shorthair of the 1960s had generated a multitude of variants. Today, it is one of the most beloved races on the old continent.

Do you know why it's called that? At the time of the plague, the Carthusian monks welcomed several of these cats to keep their rodent-free facilities. In addition to being effective, it seems that the experience was also rewarding.

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