Sunday, January 26, 2020

Chartreux cat colors

Chartreux cat colors and chartreux Kitten Breeder

Welcome to the official website of the breeder of Cats Carthusians (Chartreux) Charzueli.

When we started breeding Chartreux, the first thing we thought about is what kind of breeders we wanted to be and the answer was easy, we wanted to be a Breeder of Chartreux where the most important thing our cats were and that they were part of the family.

Chartreux cat colors photo :

Our cats live at home with us, play and sleep with us, they have freedom throughout the house and outdoor space that they can come and go whenever they want.

The objective is to breed cats that meet the standard of the breed, in a family environment and in good health, for this their parents are tested of FELV, IVF, PKD and HCM, receiving the necessary food care as well as hygienic-sanitary control.
Our Cats. Those who make our dream come true, chartreux cat colors.

Our cats are part of our family, that is why in our breeding we focus on that our cats have an excellent character so that you can enjoy them from the first moment.

For us the sociability of our kittens is one of the priorities. That's why they're in contact with us and the rest of the family.
Thanks to the time we spend with them we achieve a unique character that we are proud of.

Little. Our Chartreux kittens

Here are our little ones with a sweet and playful character because they are used to living as a family from birth.
We play with them, have fun and believe that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy with them in their first months of life.
Our goal is for the new owners to have a healthy, playful cat, fulfilling the morphology of the reaza and above all that it is a new member in the new family.

Chartreux Cat

The Chartreux cat breed, also known as Carthusius, comes from France, where it is truly appreciated. About its origin there are two theories: while some claim that he was raised by the Carthusian monks in Paris, others believe that the ancestors of the cat Chartreux came to France by the hands of the Syrians during the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

In any case, the Carthusian became one of the favorite cats of the French furriers, who greatly appreciated their hair back in the eighteenth century. This is not exactly good for these cats, which were about to become extinct until the late 1920s the breed was reconstituted and improved, recovering its population, chartreux cat colors.