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Chartreux cat personality

Chartreux cat personality, a nice companion cat, is a good choice for people who live alone, since it plays by streaks and is comfortable both alone and with its owner.

The Chartreux at a Glance

The Chartreaux Cat Breed
It is necessary to brush the Chartreux daily to avoid the formation of knots, especially in the change of season.
Weight Range:
Males: (large) > 5 kg

Females: (large) > 5 kg

Eye Color:
Golden, copper, orange

Life expectancy: 8 - 13 years

Need for Care/Socialization: Moderate

Tendency to lose hair: moderate

Length: medium

Features: lanunt

Colours: blue

Little allergenic: no

Need for general grooming: moderate

Club Recognition:
Recognition of feline associations:


The Chartreux is a medium-sized cat. It has a lot of muscle and sturdy bones. Its appearance is rounded and thick. Males are larger than females.

Being a strong cat, all its components must be well developed. It has a wide chest, a muscular neck, strong jaws and a well-developed snout. The legs are relatively thin but strong. It maintains its original appearance, that of a cat that kept rodents away from the barn and the house.

The hair is thick and dense but in winter it becomes longer and thicker, chartreux cat personality. The texture of the hair is relatively hard, as it protects it.

The Chartreux is a nice cat as a companion. It's easy and quiet. The Chartreux is an extremely faithful and affectionate cat and will stick to all members of the family.

Although the Chartreux plays, the truth is that he doesn't need to be paid attention at all hours. If you feel like playing, you'll bring a toy to someone but also play alone. It is a good companion for people who live alone, since it plays by streaks and is comfortable alone or with its owner.

The Chartreux is a thick and muscular cat, so it is necessary to monitor its feeding closely. Despite the sturdy bones and the musculature of this breed, it is necessary to maintain a proper weight and always be fit.

You will play when you want to play and look for a toy or you will make one from anything if you do not find any cat toys. Interactive play may be necessary if we want it to be in good shape. You also need to make sure you exercise properly. Chartreux likes hunting, that's where he can show his true heritage. Daily brushing is important for this cat, especially in seasonal changes, when the volume of hair increases or decreases. Even this short-haired cat can have knots in his hair if he doesn't brush it regularly.

Chartreux has a religious origin. This beautiful blue cat was probably introduced in France from the Middle East in the 16th century. The Carthusian monks raised Chartreux, who were probably working cats, actively near Paris.

In the late 1920s a methodical Chartreux breeding program was launched in France, the fruit of which was a strong, healthy blue cat with a lovely face and a strong body. The Chartreux was imported to the UK not only for its breeding as its own breed, but also to improve the body, type and color of the british short hair.

During World War II the Chartreux was on the brink of extinction, chartreux cat personality. Thanks to the work of dedicated breeders, it has recovered as a viable and healthy breed, although it is still relatively rare.

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