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Chartreux cat pronunciation

Chartreux cat pronunciation the Cartujo or Chartreux is a feline breed originating in France, specifically comes from the Monastery "Le Grande Chartreuse". At the time they were used to control the plagues of rats in hospitals and monasteries.

Its characteristic golden or coppery color of its eyes so remarkable, makes it unique and differentiates them from the rest of the breeds.

The softness, density and shine of its bluish fur make its double coat a velvety and irresisist touch of caressing, something that the Carthusian will appreciate and enjoy with its caresses and pampering, demonstrating it with its soft purrs.

One of the most noteworthy features of his face is that he seems to be eternally smiling, for his expression will always let him know how happy he is with his family.

The Carthusian will be developing until after the year, age where he will pass from young to adult and as such will behave as the mature Carthusian he is. Being able to reach his full body development until after two years.

One of the peculiarities of their breed is that their babies at birth come with a few jammed or ringed marks (tabby marks) on the tail and hindquarters characteristic of their breed, but that gradually will disappear as they grow up to the end of their complete  Development.

You should know that during the twentieth century, the Chartreux came to find theself on the brink of extinction after the terrible second world war, but thanks to the work, dedication and passion of the breeders for this wonderful breed, they managed to recover it and thus avoid the great loss that would have been his extinction.

Very popular in French soil, the Chartreux was described in a poem by Joachim du Beally, thanks to which many people began to acquire Chartreux, among which are Charles de Gaulle and Colette.

If you are thinking of expanding your family with one of our babies, be clear that their lives will change !!! filled with joy and incodical love that his Chartreux will show him all his life.

Personality and curiosities of Chatreaux:

Words are missing to describe how wonderful they are: noble, affectionate, playful, naughty, spoiled and as good felines also sleepy, chartreux cat pronunciation.

Their meow like their purrs are barely noticeable, being very low and in the form of murmurs, so much so that when they do it they take you to the same state of relaxation and happiness that they feel at that moment.

This breed although sometimes reserved with strangers, as soon as they spend a few minutes and recognize the newcomer to the house already happens to be one of the family, something that surprises the visits since they say they look like dogs with unknown people.

They really like to have their cheeks and chin scratched and they will respond with taps of their little heads so that you don't stop making them mimite.

El Cartujo is a very homely cat so it easily adapts to our daily lives in apartments and coexistence with other animals and children, chartreux cat pronunciation. It will also take advantage of your hours away from home for your favorite pastime.. his big nap !!!. Although usually and as good felines, the Carthusians adapt comfortably to independent life, but whenever they have the opportunity they will prefer to share your pillow instead of sleeping at the foot of the bed or in their crib.

In summer, like any animal the carthusian will always look for the coolest place in the house for its much-loved naps.

According to its nature peasant cat will alternate much of its strength and energy in fun game episodes and its good naps.

You can't blame him for taking such good care of himself throughout his life and living up to his origins, you should know that like any good French wine, he always improves with age.

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