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Chartreux cat adelaide

Chartreux cat adelaide, cat Cartujo: Characteristics, Character and Care

The Cat Carthusius or Chartreux being native to Turkey and Iran is possibly one of the oldest breeds of cats that exist. It was named by the naturalist Georges-Louis Lecrerc as the cat of France, perhaps because it was already settled in this part of Europe by the 18th century, probably previously coming from Syria during the crusades of the 12th century. Legend has it that the Carthusian monks adopted them for the hunting of rodents in times of plague and hence the well-known nickname of Carthusian cats, because they are quiet and little meowing.

The established colonies were not very numerous and thanks mainly to the work of the Leger sisters (Chrsitine and Suzanne L├ęger) in 1930, who created a colony on the French island of Belle lle in Mer, it was possible to develop the breed that would be officially recognized in 1939. Towards the end of the second world war it was on the verge of extinction and finally by 1980 the race could recover based on the rearing on very rigorous selection criteria and according to the original Carthusians, since the crossing with the British Sorthair in the decade of the 60s gave a multitude of different crosses. The Carthusian Cat has become a very famous and preferred companion cat in France.

Character of the Carthusian Cat
The Chatreux cat is a cat characterized mainly by being of a quiet and independent character like few others. These cats are so calm, they are even said to have made a vow of silence just like the Carthusian monks who adopted them and to whom they owe their curious name Carthusian.   They are sociable but at the same time reserved with people they do not know. They can also establish special and affectionate links with their owners.

Despite being independent cats, it is a breed of cats that love to feel pampered and pampered by their owners. In fact from the moment you create a bond with your owner, you won't want to part with it and follow it everywhere. They are fans of the games and in these highlight their dominant character against other cats or other pets. In addition to his character, they also demonstrate his skills he spends hunting.

Something that the Carthusian cat loves, is sleep, this is why they are cats that are happy living in a quiet home. In fact after a few good hours of play it will take a rich and well-deserved nap to replenish energies.

Physical characteristics of the Cat Carthusian
The Cat Cartujo has a strong and muscular body context, chartreux cat adelaide. In fact when reaching adulthood it can be observed that they lose the shape of their shoulders, because due to its thick torso, it looks similar that it does not have a neck, because its wide face is joined with its torso. It is characterized by large, round eyes of golden or copper color, which give it that air so mystical and special. They are medium-sized cats, however a male cat can come to weigh much more than a female. A male weighs 3 and a half to 7 kilos, but a female between 2 and 3 kilograms.

As a curiosity to say that Carthusian cats, like the vast majority of cats, are born with clear eyes, establishing the characteristic orange color of this breed at 3 months of age to go attenuated later with age.

The coat is short or medium length, black on the inside and grayish on the outside, has a sturdy and muscular body, as well as short, slender legs. Its head is shaped like a triangular prism but with rounded edges and wide moflets. This particular shape of the face of the cat Carthusus makes a kind of smile look on his face, for this reason he is also called "The Smile of the Cat of France", where they highlight his great golden eyes. Wide and stop nose with a flat and high forehead. Features that are carefully reviewed in feline exhibitions.

Carthusian Cat Health and Care
As for the care say that it is a cat prone to overweight, that is why a balanced diet rich in protein is recommended, as well as exercise it through games. Moderate brushing, more intense in moulting times and a bath every 6 months, Chartreux cat adelaide. This breed tends to generate more wax than others, so you have to pay special attention to cleaning your ears.

In addition, we recommend providing basic care to your cat such as:

Regular visits to the veterinarian.
Keep the vaccines up to date.
Food with a feed that has all the nutritional values necessary for it.
Cut your nails regularly.
Maintain your hygiene by also cleaning eyes, teeth and glue.