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Chartreux cat appearance

Chartreux cat appearance » Features, Habitat, Eating, Breeds, Reproduction Form

This beautiful cat of French origin is also called Carthusian, and is considered an extremely ancient breed. Although it is said that its principles are in Turkey and Iran, it was in France during the 1930s that some sisters of the surname L├ęger managed to develop and perfect the breed. Its coat, resembling wool, was marketed since ancient times as otter skin.

It is said that in 1931, the Chartreux cat was exhibited at the Cat Club in Paris and by 1939 the first model was transcribed. As early as the mid-1970s the United States arrived the first Chartreux cats. Currently this breed of cats is recognized by the famous associations commissioned in the study of felines, which are: FIFE, CFA and TICA.


It is mainly characterized by its blue fur and large orange eyes.

It is one of three blue-haired feline breeds. Along with the Russian Blue and the Korat cat.

Its size is medium, it can weigh up to 7 kilos.

The male is larger and with a wider breast; its body is muscular and robust.
The female is usually smaller, although equally robust.

It has a triangular-shaped head, which makes it look like it is always smiling, so it is also known as "The French Cat Smile", its ears are high and usually erect.

It is a cat with a lot of balance and tranquility, it matures little and is independent, its personality can become strong, Chartreux cat appearance. He is reserved, affectionate with tranquility, lonely, is very affectionate and always very faithful to his owner.

His biggest hobby is sleeping.

The chartreux cat is usually very clean, enjoys being neat, so its ideal environment should be dry, away from moisture and water. Because it is a strong feline, it adapts perfectly to the cold.

Like to walk outdoors, this allows you to put into practice your hunter instinct, in addition helps you to maintain the hairy appearance of your fur. However, it should be noted that the sun can generate brown reflections on the surface.

This feline tends to be very sweet and prone to obesity, especially when they are sterilized, so you have to pay close attention to your diet, otherwise it could harm your health. It is recommended all kinds of fruits and vegetables, you can even eat beef or pork (in very little amount), you can also eat fish without any problem. Foods with strong dyes, or lots of sugar (e.g. chocolate) and a lot of preservatives are prohibited in their diet. Ideally, they should usually eat premium foods.

Currently, the Chartreux cat is confused with other blue breeds, such as the Korat and the Russian Blue, the latter closely similar to the Chartreux, but this contradictory character of the different types of breed, initiated the controversy about its origin. According to many experts, Russian blue has the same origin as Chartreux. This cat has never settled in France, possibly given the competition with the Chartreux and the blue British Shorthair.

How to reproduce
This breed of felines, has an average of two kittens per litter. Puppies are usually fat, strong and take time to wean; they are very playful, jumping, and grow very slowly, Chartreux cat appearance. The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 15 years as long as they are domesticated pets, if on the contrary they are strays, it will be maximum six years.

When they are born, it is usual to observe in the kittens some stripes on their fur, but over time these will disappear and the color of their eyes will become more vivid.

Chartreux cat appearance