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Chartreux cat average weight

Chartreux cat average weight, a popular story says that Marie Antoinette, queen of France, trying to escape France and her problems, embarks on the United States with six of her angora cats from Turkey with the help of Captain Samuel Clough. Marie Antoinette failed to reach the United States, but her cats did. The cats arrived in Wiscasset, Maine.

A story about the origin of his name tells of a grouper named Tom Coon who collected cats to bring luck to the ship he was traveling on. It is also said that coon is a hybrid of cat and raccoon in English, cat and racoon, but it is biologically impossible.

Another version suggests that when the Vikings arrived in America they were carrying cats on their ships for superstition and to be hunted by rats. These furry cats, common ancestors of the forests of Norway, mingled with the mountain cats.

Despite the many legends that place the origin of the Maine Coon from the Turkish angoras who lived in Europe, we must state that there are many differences between these two races; starting with the size. The Maine Coon is one of the largest and heavier breeds of domestic felines.

According to the International Felina Federation a standard Maine Coon must have the following characteristics:1

The head of a Maine Coon should be medium, almost square and slightly concave profile. Prominent cheekbones and chin aligned with the nose and upper lip.

Its ears are long, pointed and finished in brushes. (In all cases, Maine Coons originating in European regions do not usually have these characteristics).)

His eyes are large and slightly oval; can be of any color except blue, which is exclusive in white cats, chartreux cat average weight.

Muscle, rectangular appearance, muscular neck in males and wide chest. Females are much smaller than males. Tendency to have higher volume in the abdominal area.

Its hair is resistant to water and snow, it is short on the head but is lengthening when reaching the tail.

Mantle colour
They can be of any color except conjoined patterns, colorpoint, chocolate, etc. The most common are tabby, solids, fumes and diluted.

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